Gun Rights

The Founding Fathers established the Second Amendment to preserve our liberties against tyrannical government.  And while I personally conceal and carry and am a Life Member of the NRA, I have concerns, but they are not “bump stocks” and AR15s. 

For voters concerned about gun violence, I too share this concern. Of the 38,000 gun related deaths in 2016, 25,000+ are suicides by mostly white men, age 25-65.  Black on black violence contributes to an additional 8,000 gun related deaths annually.  Combined, these statistics represent over 87% of the gun related deaths in America.

If we desire to reduce gun violence in America, we must address medical depression and we must end the failed War on Drugs policy that is a cause of violence in urban areas.  As Senator, I will call for an end to the War on Drugs, and the elimination of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  This will help drive down black on black violence, and ultimately save lives.   Regarding depression and other causes of suicide, this is an area that is best left to families, specialized non-profit organizations and the medical profession to treat.