Bring US Troops Home

No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.
~ James Madison ~

What is the cost of freedom? The recent and ongoing “War on Terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 15 years pegged the cost of the war at $17,500 for every living American. For a family of seven, that is $122,500. For the entire country? At least $5.6 trillion.

Is it worth it?   Do our military men and women need to be stationed in approximately 150 countries, including Niger, Libya, Turkey, and Syria?

I believe that it is time to restore “defense” to the Defense Department. This would reduce our standing army as well as our military budget, which is currently larger than the combined military budgets of China, Russia, the U.K., France, Japan, and Germany.

Additionally, as Senator I would call for a Virginia Peace Plan modeled after Virginia President George Washington who sought to avoid foreign entanglements. I would advocate for an immediate Peace Accord with North Korea (and finally end the 67-year Korean War) and call for the immediate removal of all U.S. troops from Korea and Japan. I would also work to cut the Defense Department budget by pulling our troops out of 150 sovereign countries, which helps cut unnecessary and unConstitutional government spending.