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Libertarian US Senate Candidate Matt Waters Decries $779 Billion Federal Budget Deficit; Calls for Social Security Reform to Address Entitlement Crisis  

Libertarian US Senate Candidate Matt Waters Decries $779 Billion Federal Budget Deficit; Calls for Social Security Reform to Address Entitlement Crisis


Libertarian US Senate Candidate Matt Waters Decries $779 Billion Federal Budget Deficit; Calls for Social Security Reform to Address Entitlement Crisis

Matt Waters for US Senate

This week, the federal government announced that the federal deficit for the fiscal year ended on September 30 was $779 billion, an increase from $666 billion the year before.  The federal budget deficit will substantially increase in the current and future fiscal years, hitting $1 trillion this year or next.

“Even though I support cutting federal spending by abolishing the Departments of Education and Housing and Urban Development, immediately ending all corporate welfare and farm subsidies and reducing defense spending by ending our never ending military involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other places around the globe, that won’t be enough to tackle the long-term fiscal problems of the federal government.  We have got to reform entitlements (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) before federal overspending triggers a debt crisis with dire consequences for the US economy.

“I support a plan to allow younger workers to contribute their portion of Social Security taxes–and that is what they are, not “contributions” to anything–to personal accounts that they own, in exchange for them waiving their right to future Social Security benefits.  If structured properly, a plan like this can ease the forthcoming entitlement crisis and provide greater long-term financial security for today’s younger workers.

“The always undiscussed dirty little secret of Social Security is that people have no personal property rights in their future Social Security benefits.  Congress decides who gets what with Social Security, and they have taken it away from some unpopular recipients in the past, which might happen again.  Regardless, if Social Security doesn’t change, all Social Security recipients will have their benefits cut about 25% in 2034.  It is well past time for the future of Social Security to be forthrightly addressed, which Republicans and Democrats appear totally unwilling to do.”

Press Release: Libertarian for US Senate calls for his inclusion in Debates, 8/21/18


Alexandria, VA — Virginia is still, in its own way, a political museum piece.  It is true that there is no longer a Poll Tax that denies the poor a chance to vote.  And, many other restrictions on suffrage in Virginia are no more.

But, the culture of exclusion in Virginia politics survives and is manifested in the exclusion of third party and independent candidates from debate forums in Virginia.

While other states allow third party candidates into debates, private organizations in Virginia put in place criteria that deliberately restrict participation in debates to the candidates of the two old parties.

“It’s not as if the stage would be flooded with candidates,” said Matt Waters.  “There are only three candidates for US Senate on the ballot this year, and I am one of them.  My supporters and I worked hard to gather over 10,000 signatures of registered voters to get on the ballot, meeting the legal requirements of Virginia.  I want and deserve a place on the debate stage to let people know that there is an alternative between democratic socialism on the left and big government Republicanism on the right.”

Voters are looking for alternatives, as more people become fed up with the two party system and realize that it is not working in the best interests of the American people.

In 2017, the Libertarian Party fielded Cliff Hyra as its candidate for Governor, as it did with Robert Sarvis in 2013.  That was the first time that a third party had a candidate for Governor of Virginia in successive Gubernatorial elections from 1941 through 1953.

With the Matt Waters candidacy as the Libertarian candidate for US Senate this year, a third party has fielded a candidate for US Senate in Virginia in successive US Senate elections for the first time since 1958 and 1960.

“Times are a changin’,” said Matt Waters.  “This is just the beginning of more Libertarian candidates running for office in Virginia.  All debate organizers should allow all Libertarian Party candidates into debates to fully inform the people of Virginia what their choices are at the ballot box.  To do less is to fail the people they are supposedly trying to serve.”