Choose Peace

What is the cost of freedom?

The recent and ongoing “War on Terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last 15 years cost $17,500 for every US citizen.  For a family of seven, the cost of freedom is $122,500.  For the entire country, the “cost of freedom” is estimated at $5.6 trillion and still counting. Is it worth it to you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer?

Was it worth it for the 6,251 US families who lost loved ones serving overseas? Is it worth killing 215,000 innocent civilians in the Middle East? Should our military men and women be stationed in over 120 countries, including Niger, Diego Garcia, Iceland and Syria?

I believe that it is time to restore “defense” to the Defense Department. This would reduce our standing army as well as our military budget, which is currently larger than the military budgets of China, Russia, the U.K., France, Japan, and Germany combined.

As Senator I would call for a Virginia Peace Plan modeled after Virginia President George Washington who sought to avoid foreign entanglements. I would advocate for an immediate Peace Accord with North Korea (and finally end the 67-year Korean War) and call for the immediate removal of all 28,000 U.S. troops from Korea and 50,000 troops from Japan.

I will introduce legislation to end highly expensive forward-facing military bases (like those in S. Korea and Japan) in favor of a military that respects the borders and sovereignty of other nations, and that  relies upon ships, subs, missiles, and aircraft as the primary means to defend the USA.

I will call for a renewal of Reagan’s plan to build a 600-ship Navy as the primary means to defend our national strategic interests globally.  Reviving John Lehman’s (First Secretary of the Navy under Reagan) strategy to have a “combat-credible forward naval presence” as our primary means of counter-force is critical in the face of rising communist China.