Money = Freedom

One of my campaign slogans is, Money = Freedom.  This is a basic truth, and forgotten by the advocates of Big Government. The average American taxpayer works from Jan. 1 through April 18 just to pay their share of local, state and federal taxes.  That’s right, you’re giving 25% of your income to the government.  That’s why I am an advocate of a new holiday, Tax Freedom Day, celebrating the day when American taxpayers can keep their own money.

Think about this: if we could end the IRS (by repealing the federal income tax and abolishing the 16th Amendment) the average taxpayer would receive a $12,000 pay increase.  What would you do with an additional $12,000…every year?

My Republican opponent raised taxes 6 times. My democrat opponent is advocating for free college, free healthcare and a higher minimum wage mandated from Washington.  How will two political parties pay for all of the free stuff?  By taking more of your money, and making you less free, and more dependent on them!

I say it’s time for Americans to keep 100% of their property (income) and let Washington figure out how to pay for all of their free stuff.

I believe that you can spend your money better than the politicians in Washington can.