Statement: Stop Funding International War and Crimes Against Humanity

Waters calls for 600 ship Navy as primary means to defend USA


Alexandria, VA – Libertarian candidate for Senate in Virginia, Matt Waters, said on Friday, “In August, ‘Made in the USA’ bombs killed 40 little boys in Yemen aged from six to 11 in a school bus on a field trip. ‘Made in the USA’ bombs killed 155 people attending a funeral in October 2016.  According to the most recent report by the UN high commission for human rights, there have been 17,062 civilian casualties since 2015, including 6,592 dead and 10,470 injured.  The majority of these casualties are the result of “Made in the USA” weapons – 10,471.

“What have we become?  It is sickening that the President’s first reaction to murdered Virginia resident and journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia officials is to make sure a $110 billion deal to sell more weapons of mass destruction to the corrupt Saudi Arabia government is not jeopardized.  Who are we?  What does America stand for?  Is this the new face of ‘conservatism?’ Where are the civil libertarians?”

Waters said, “I will call for an immediate end to U.S. weapons sales to rogue nations.  Both political parties are partly to blame for the civilian bloodshed in Yemen, as they are in near full agreement to continue arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

“I believe in a strong national defense. But the international sales of U.S. weapons to rogue nation states by President Trump and Congress must be called out, and it must stop.  None of what we’re doing is in the U.S. strategic national interest.  U.S. weapons sales are making ordinary Americans more vulnerable to terrorism because ‘Made in the USA’ bombs are killing thousands of innocent civilians overseas. The survivors will never forget who armed the Saudis.”

Waters said he will introduce legislation to end highly expensive forward-facing military bases in favor of a military that respects the borders and sovereignty of other nations, and that relies upon ships, subs, missiles, and aircraft as the primary means to defend the USA.

“I will call for a renewal of Reagan’s plan to build a 600-ship Navy as the primary means to defend our national strategic interests globally.  Reviving John Lehman’s (First Secretary of the Navy under Reagan) strategy to have a ‘combat-credible forward naval presence’ as our primary means of counter-force is critical in the face of rising communist China and other global threats.”


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